The zipline, as you can imagine, is awesome, exhilarating and breathtaking. The guides are friendly, relaxed in everything that they do and make you feel secure while having a great time. After short safety briefing you will soar through the tree tops flying from tree to tree, over the river… If you come with kids, you will never forget the expressions on their faces. The afternoon spent on this beautiful ranch is hard to forget.

Horseback riding is another enjoyable vacation activity on HorsePlay ranch; each horse is individually chosen for every rider, by his weight, riding experience, etc. Whether you are novice, intermediate or pro rider, your guide will adjust route and speed to match your experience. The horses are healthy, in good condition, fit and very well behaved. Route is in perfect harmony with the environment, the landscape changes from lush, green and wooded areas to riverside areas (and river crossing) and it’s quite spectacular. Horseback riding is orientated for everyone and you will definitely enjoy your time.